Facilitate FYMS theme

Records prove that, there were no joking or gravely sparked off debates against Madi youths neglect agenda on various platforms and forums. Until now, the unaddressed human, health and economic growth status of Madi youths deteriorated decades ago, while the local duty bearers and elderly kept watch and FYMS is initiated to break the cycle starting with children and youths. FYMS stiff members agree that the time for self-satisfaction is long gone and belongs to another era. In many other jurisdiction and or districts, the silence on especially human, health and economic rights violation against youths has been wrecked and therefore, if FYMS programmes are not funded then human, health, education, and economic rights violations pose serious dangers and consequences for current and future generations, and for efforts to ensure peace, reduce poverty and to achieve the sustainable development goals especially 1, 3, 5 & 16 will remain an history in Madi sub-region.