Membership benefits

a)Communal voices to work and influence parents, local duty bearers and other audience on issues of concern to children, youths and community at large.
b) Sharing, networking and learning through the podium of FYMS that cultivates space and open dialogue on essential issues for engagement.
c)Depiction of members’ opinion and interests in lobbying for relevant change at local, regional and national forums.
d)Involvement and participation in strategic plan development and choice making to direct the organisation as well during general annual meeting.
e)Prospect to aspire and be elected to the executive. Members can present remarks and bid suggestion to the governing organs on matters relevant to FYMS.
f)Cohesion and supports from each other to rise with target community who may be illegitimately endangered in the course of their duty and endorsement of citizen’s interests and equality.
g)Practical advice and technical support on different aspects to enable growth of organization, youth life and community progress. The benefits are subject of routine assessment to discover latest treasured products for members.