By its evolution above, Foundation to foster youths in Madi sub-region (FYMS) is a non-discriminatory, not for profit youths and children focused community organization, whose genesis was informed by Millennium Development Goals under the rule of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The initiative is at present premised on post development agenda, thus Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in line with continental and national legal instruments e.g. African charter on human and people’s rights (ACHPR), African charter on rights and welfare of the child (ACRWC) and Uganda Constitution as well as other domesticate statutes. The questions of youth health, education and their existing rights as well as economic aspects are desired which formed the basis for establishment of FYMS. The 83% of youths in Madi sub-region hardly define meaningful human existence, education and sustainable development even though some passed through formal education. Based on the concise statement, access to understand and know their health, human and economic rights remains a myth respectively. It’s therefore, against this background that the need to have legitimate institution that lobby and advocates for their aspiration was highly called for.


FYMS’ Vision is to help the underprivileged youths become dynamic, competent and preferred citizenry, whereas its Mission is to cause an unconditional positive change of attitudes and behaviours, geared towards transformation of youths so as to have empowered and service driven community.


Human response:

Credibility and philosophy:



A legitimate youths and children focused organization, FYMS secured operational status according to the laws of Uganda derived from the international legislation. It’s the legal approval of the organization to carry out lawful humanitarian intervention and establish an office or offices anywhere provided within territorial command of Uganda.


FYMS is governed by issue focused executive committee currently chaired and led by architecture. The planner of FYMS is the person to whom all the members and volunteers report to, through their respective line supervisor(s) who is based in Madi sub-region Uganda. FYMS has a resilient management team that is comprised of presently two senior Executive Members and volunteers at programmes, administration and support levels.


Whereas FYMS is a community based, non-discriminatory, not for profit youths and children focused organization, it is membership built community organization whose membership portrays people centered cause and the proceeds help advance its growth. Individuals and well-wishers are the existing sources of funds organization depends on hence calls for supports.