Welcome to the Foundation to foster Youths in Madi Sub-region (FYMS)

Currently, development packages are grounded in a commitment to amplify the rights, expanding the choices and reinforcing capabilities of all members of Globe. Accountabilities are expected from governments for these purposes and, as well generating the enabling economic, social, political and legal environment within which all youths and children can develop their knowledge, skills and practice to participate fully in civil endeavors. This applies to both girls and boys irrespective of their geographical area, race, ethnicity or other status.


Since United Nations and African Union systems also encounter accountability for ensuring that, all possible aid is granted to regimes, nongovernmental and or civil society organizations to guarantee their integral resolutions for development plans benefit the most marginalized and those especially in tough to reach, whatever the reason. This means that, adolescent youths are at the center whose rights are at risk. With the double disadvantages of discrimination against because of being juveniles, marginalized youths of Madi sub-region are placed at the fringes of civilization as they transition into adulthood. All adolescents will benefit if systems and sectors are generally capacitated and have good will, conformist wisdom.


As the poorest sub-region, FYMS dedicates to turning 80% of Madi sub-region’s undermined youths abilities into positive development explosive and merging strengths that enable community denounces adolescents’ rights abuse by supporting the most marginalized youths and children, mainly those at threats of not planned child bearing and effortless girls.


FYMS’ robust theory of change is enshrined in its human rights-based approach to have well-seasoned peer educators, whose labor will hover around youth health, education, economics and individual rights. The organization visualizes the jam-packed involvement of children and youths in the management of their own trends of dynamism through establishment of peer support clubs (pro child centers) that provide platforms for focuses, positive interface and sharing life experiences, developing goals, visions and striving towards achieving them. FYMS sets programs to advance the lives of youths and children by:


Institutional capacity tailoring; repeatedly strengthening the organization to be able to handle ever rising challenges facing the organization in terms of: resource mobilization, streamlining internal system, managing the transition process, structures and processes. It also involves the boosting of image and presents sub-regional wide participation. In a bid to toughen and sustain FYMS and leadership for rural girls and women, there will be conscious project to meet this aspiration through;

  • Ensuring that FYMS members work as team and are encouraged to voice their concerns without any bureaucratic barrier. Related to this aspect, FYMS members take the time to review and reflect on some of the doctrines of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Sustainable Development Goals, Continental and National Domestic Laws.
  • FYMS has shaped a space for its development that allows the organization to mirror and strategize to ensure that, we remain relevant to the context of operation.
  • Adapting partnership gears with different organizations or institutions and clinging onto new advocacy emerging issues affecting children, youths and women such as economic justice with a focus on land, environment rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).
  • Feminist division piloting and capacity building for effective inequality halt in the rural focus constituencies.
  • In response to organizational capacity elevation, each year at least one member should get the opportunity to undertake the inclusive advocacy training with credible and well established organization.